E27 8W 690-720LM White/Warm White 44 SMD 2835 LED Plug Light 90-260V


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E27 8W 690-720LM White/Warm White 44 SMD 2835 LED Plug Light 90-260V

Model E27
Light Color                       Warm White / White
Color Temperature (K) 3000-3500K / 6000-6500K
Wattage (W)                               8
Voltage (V) AC 90-260V
Power Efficiency


Value of PF 0.90
CRI ≥73
Material of Lamp Body Aluminum alloy + aluminum plate
Work Temperature -20℃~~+40℃     
Light Source SMD 2835
LED Quantity 44
Luminous Flux (lm) 690-720
Beam Angle 120°
Power type Built-in isolation power supply
Dimension (mm) 146 x 35 (L x W)
Package Included 1 LED Light Bulb           
The lamp head can be rotated 280 degrees, any adjustment of illumination angle. Eliminate traditional lighting efficiency waste defects. Direct, without reflection, discard bad dependence on traditional reflector quality.

1. the product LED Horizontal Plug lights with super bright LED as light source, saving energy, light gentle heat, long life.
2. LED Horizontal Plug Lamp LED light source, white 6000-6500K warm white 3000-3500K, 4000-4500K, etc., can be customized with color.
3. LED Horizontal Plug Light aluminum alloy shell and aluminum plates, anti-static, dust-proof, leak-proof
4. LED Horizontal Plug Lamp product easy to install, light intensity, distance, light uniformity.
5. LED Horizontal Plug lights products with high efficiency, high PF value of the built-in power isolation. Voltage 90-260V wide pressure,the basic voltage for the world.
6. LED Horizontal Plug lights green products, does not contain ultraviolet and infrared light, no radiation. Do not contain mercury and
lead toxic elements
, conducive to recovery and use of product

Horizontal Plug Lamp uses:

Perfect for Supermarkets, bars, hotels decoration, home lighting, light fixtures, engineering lighting, parking lot restaurant, cafes, clubs,windows,showrooms, art hall, museum and other household commercial lighting.

Kindly Reminder:
1. Please confirm the voltage first. If the voltage of a product is 12V-24V, then you must use a professional
    LED voltage converter.
2. Please check the specifications of the product carefully before ordering to insure a proper fit.
3. Do not disassemble any bulbs by yourself.
4. Be sure to cut the power off before beginning installation to avoid personal injury.