XIAOMI Mijia Electric/Manual Screwdriver 1500mAh Portable Rechargeable Integrated Screw Driver W/6 S2 Screw Bits


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Electric/manual mode, which can be switched as required
Screw out: loosen the screw manually first, and then screw out completely in electric mode. Screw in screws: first, screw in the screws in electric mode, and then tighten them manually.
Integrated design
Innovative integrated screw free design. High quality engineering plastics, light weight and durable. Fine UV paint technology, delicate and non slip.
Small body, long endurance
Built in 1500mAh lithium battery, more than 180 screws can be driven when fully charged.

Positive inversion key, intuitive operation
Press the front R gear to screw in forward, press the back L gear to screw out backward, conform to the intuitive thinking, one second to start.
Small and exquisite, portable and easy to carry
The fuselage grip is only 29.7mm at its narrowest and is specially designed for Asian hands. The fuselage has a net weight of only 185g.

Comfortable holding handle
The handle is smoothly attached to the shape of the hand, which is easy to apply force. When placed, it can always keep stable, not easy to roll or slide.
6 type of bits are suitable for most home scenes
The batch head is made of high quality S2 alloy steel, with hardness up to 60HRC. With the bits box, it is convenient to store.
50mm long bits head for various occasions
The 50mm long batch head can not only maintain a clear vision during general operation, but also be able to handle in narrow space, deep hole and other difficult positions.
Multiple security protection
Over current, over voltage, over temperature, and short circuit protection in charging, more secure use.
Dust proof tail cover, low power prompt
Soft rubber tail cover can effectively prevent dust from entering the charging port. When the power is lower than 20%, the indicator light will flash for 5 seconds when pressing the key.


Brand XIAOMI Mijia
Product model MJDDLSD002QW
Maximum torque in electric mode 3N.m
Maximum torque in manual mode 8N.m
Screwdriver weight 185g
Screwdriver size 34mm in 172 x 34mm
Rated voltage 3.6V
No-load speed 220r/min
Charging time <150min

Package Included:
1 x XIAOMI Mijia Electric Screwdriver
1 x Charging Cable
6 x Screwdriver Bits
1 x Bits Storage Case
1 x Instruction Manual